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Google’s going mobile first – are you ready?

Google is changing their ranking algorithm from “desktop first” to “mobile first.” What does this mean? How will it affect you? Watch this video to find out.     No matter whether you’re in Group A, Group B, or the dreaded “Group W,” I can probably help you grow your traffic. I am currently working […]


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SEO is changing – let’s work on it together

Hi, Dan here. If you’d like to join a small group of others working with me personally to get your site in shape for the new “mobile first” Google, please watch this short video.   Google’s new “mobile first” index is going to turn everything upside down. If your website isn’t in top shape for […]


New Rules of SEO: Mobile Users Run the Internet

SEO Fast Start Update #2: Mobile Users Run The Internet “You have to learn why things work on a starship.”— Captain Kirk As we learned in the first installment of this series, SEO has undergone some big changes this year, but things seem to be settling down into a “new normal,” and these are the […]


The New Rules of SEO

I’ve been involved with SEO since the beginning of search engines. There has always been change, but we haven’t seen change like this in a very long time. In this series, I’ll walk you through the most significant changes, how they affect you, and tell you what you can do about it.


Case Study: Building a Business with Content Marketing and ResultFlow

One year ago, Phil Weaver had to start his business all over again, with a brand new website. Today, he’s more successful than ever – with over 25,000 website visits per week, and record sales. Watch this video to see how Phil transformed his business using a simple, easy to execute, and nearly foolproof strategy […]


How Bezos engineered 28% more visitors

Jeff Bezos captained Amazon from nothing but a crazy idea that many people thought would never work into the juggernaut that it is today. In the process, he changed the shape of online commerce. Was that just luck? I’m betting not. He also owns the Washington Post, and during his watch total visitors have grown […]