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Facebook Ad Changes: What Marketers Need to Know : Social Media Examiner

An on-demand podcast from Social Media Examiner has outlined new rules regarding Facebook ad changes to those using Facebook as a marketing tool. At one point, Facebook would reject an advertisement with an image containing more than 20% text. Facebook has recently revised that rule and now if a customer would like to place an […]


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10 Landing Page Tactics That Will Turn Casual Visitors into Converting Customers

What’s the most important thing about your landing page? No, it’s not clarity, instead it’s conversions. How many potential customers who visit your web site’s landing page convert into paying customers? And how do you design the landing page to drive this conversion rate up, up, up? Here are 10 tips to make those conversions […]


10 factors that may be impacting your organic traffic

In Stephanie Levine’s article regarding websites, she speaks of website exposure and how to address the slow or unsteady rate of website traffic. She speaks that being a head of a company or a leader, it is important to monitor all forms of traffic and it is important to use tools such as google analytics […]


How to verify your Twitter account in 10 steps

In Christopher Ratliff’s article regarding Twitter, he addresses a recent change that Twitter has made in which the social media company now allows you to take personal steps into verifying your account and in his article, he provides a ten step guide on how to verify your account. He speaks of twitter’s move to allow […]


What are the most common on-page SEO issues and how to fix them?

In Christopher Ratliff’s article regarding search engines, he speaks on some of the most common issues found on search engine result pages and he then explains some of the ways one can address the issues. He speaks on the great difficulty that landing on the top search result in an output page is. He explains […]


7 Phrases That Undermine Client Relationships (And What to Say Instead)

You don’t usually get to spend a lot face-to-face time with your clients. Instead you’re reduced to depending on the plain text of email messages, trying to reinforce that you’re part of their team without actually sitting with them on the bench. But there are seven ways that you can change your client’s perception of […]