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Universal Traffic Engine Lesson 3 – The UTE Selling System

Today in Lesson Three, we’ll take a look at the Middle and Inner campaigns and show you the Universal Traffic Engine blog template.(Click Here To Download Lesson 3 PDF: The UTE Selling System). Previous Lessons: Lesson One: The Universal Traffic Engine Model Lesson Two: Organic Amplification & SEO The video for Lesson 3 (end-to-end campaign […]


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Universal Traffic Engine Lesson 1 – Avatar and Message

The Universal Traffic Engine is a growth strategy for small businesses and startups who want to build long term growth, based on our study and practice with clients who have reached 7-8 figures in annual revenue. If you are a business owner, in-house marketer, or consultant who works with small businesses and startups, this will […]


Free Training: Universal Traffic Engine 2016

A few years ago, I decided to step away from SEO for a while and work on growth strategies for small business – especially those trying to get “from zero to a million” – which is the hardest stage for any business to grow. I got way down in the weeds, running Adwords campaigns (still […]


455% ROI (and more) from free traffic

Our content marketing machine (full details HERE) generates traffic from all three earned traffic sources: search, social, and email. In this case study I’ll first show you the total impact of having all three these in play and then (likely) surprise you with what happens over time. Most (not all, but we’ll ignore that) of […]


Yes, SEO still works – here’s proof

I mentioned yesterday that many of our clients come to us fixated on Google search traffic. That’s a special kind of myopia that can ruin your marketing strategy, but since you asked … you know who you are 🙂 … today we’ll look at the organic traffic growth for a couple of our clients. Are […]


One small change added more than $7,000 in revenue

The diagram shows the revenue from two different sources over a 5 month period. The smaller one ($3,536.26), named “Blog”, is the revenue provided directly by the blog. This revenue is the result of our content marketing service. The content attracts traffic to the blog and some percentage of visitors click one of the CTA’s […]