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Link Liberation update – a brand new content type

Notice: This is an important Link Liberation update. Since 2009 we’ve been teaching the use of “Commentaries” as a key part of your content marketing mix. No longer! For the first time in 7 years we are replacing an element of the Content Pyramid. This 13m 41s video exposes the new content type, explains why […]


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Free Q&A call w/ Dan Thies, June 8, 2pm Eastern (US)

Got questions? I’ve got answers – as long as your question involves: The Universal Traffic Engine training… Adwords, Bing, and Paid Search… SEO, on site or off… Analytics, Conversion, and Testing If you need advice on whether to buy a warehouse, liquidate inventory, or other business questions… you should speak with someone else. I do […]


The Viking Velociraptor Formula for Persuasive Copy (video)

Copywriting is Hard. If you’ve ever had to write an email to a customer or prospect, you know this. If you’ve ever had to write a product description or sales letter, you know this. Even professional copywriters sometimes struggle to get the right words out – and they do this for a living! I used […]


Universal Traffic Engine Lesson 4 – Succeeding with UTE

Today in Lesson Four, I’ll walk you through the three big challenges every marketer faces, and how we solve those problems with the Universtal Traffic Engine system. (Click Here To Download Lesson 4 PDF: Implementation Checklist). ResultFlow + Universal Traffic Engine Special Offer: $297/mo (40% off) for monthly subscription or save over 70% with Inner […]


An Automated Content Stream — in 10 Minutes!

Some things have to be seen to be believed. In this short video, Leslie Rohde starts with a brand new ResultFlow install and in 10 minutes, he has set up a fully automated content stream. Another 10 minutes, maybe less, and he could have a fully automated promotion system set up… and if he wanted […]


Universal Traffic Engine Lesson 3 – The UTE Selling System

Today in Lesson Three, we’ll take a look at the Middle and Inner campaigns and show you the Universal Traffic Engine blog template.(Click Here To Download Lesson 3 PDF: The UTE Selling System). Previous Lessons: Lesson One: The Universal Traffic Engine Model Lesson Two: Organic Amplification & SEO The video for Lesson 3 (end-to-end campaign […]