$22,352.43 in new revenue this year alone – what’s their secret?


This is a real result achieved by one of our clients and that’s just January through March.

What’s their “secret”?

It’s not some new fangled software, yet another new traffic source, and it’s not one of those complicated funnel things either.

It is completely “turn key”, requires no change to your website, and uses things you already have.

In fact, the “secret” to adding more than $7,450 per month to their business was simple, widely available, and used by millions of people.

So just what is this “magic marketing method”? A Blog!

I know, I know, that’s not a secret. True – the real secret is doing blogging right!

First, you must optimize your blog for engagement. We’ve invested several years to figure out what works and what doesn’t and put all that hard won knowledge into a standard design that we deploy for all of our clients. We call it the “Braintrust reference blog”, but our clients are calling it “the super blog.” (who are we to argue with that!)

Second, you have to attract visitors to your blog. Back in the old days you could buy links – now you have to have fresh content that is on topic for your market. We create 15 new posts per week and amplify each one on the major social channels.

And finally, you have to integrate your blog with your commerce site. Think of your blog as a captive advertising channel and design Calls to Action (CTAs) to monetize it.

We see most people do this wrong – they either don’t have CTAs that work, or they do so much advertising that the blog repels visitors instead of engaging them. There is a science to this, but it’s a somewhat artful science. That’s why we work one-on-one with each new client to build a blog monetization plan as soon as they come onboard.

Could you do all of this without our help?

Of course you could, many people do, but if…

  • you don’t have a blog design known to work,
  • don’t have the skills and systems to create a fresh content stream,
  • or don’t have the time to manage it all (and that is a common problem)

…then you should have us do it all for you.

And we’ll even make you a special deal.

Pay for your first two months of service and we’ll give you your 3rd month for free. That’s a 33% discount.

All the details are right HERE

Some “fine print” you should know

(1) This offer is honestly a marketing experiment. We ran it once before with, I think, mixed results, so depending on how it goes this time, this might be the last time.

(2) Bringing on a new client involves senior staff. They are few in number and pretty expensive, so this offer is available to ONLY the first 6 new clients that signup before midnight on May 1, 2016. After that, the experiment ends and you might never see it again.