7 Ways to Get Your Local SEO Clients to Embrace Content | SEJ

7 Ways to Get Your Local SEO Clients to Embrace Content | SEJ

Helping your customers with their search engine optimization (SEO) means convincing them to embrace content on their website. There are several things customers can do including writing a regular blog, creating areas for customer feedback and adding more FAQ based content all drive traffic from search engines. And that’s just the start.

Key Takeaways:

  • Far too many local businesses have fallen into the trap of thinking that blogging isn’t for them, it’s for well…bloggers. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • In the same article, HubSpot cited “…about 90% of the leads we generate every month come from blog posts that were published in previous months. Sometimes years ago.”
  • Let’s face it, creating high-quality content takes time and energy, but at the end of the day, businesses are far better off with a local content creation plan and framework than without.

“Today, content is so incredibly important from some perspectives: attracting new customers by converting visitors into leads, driving traffic to your website, building authority, and, yes, being found online through search engines.”