Case Study: Building a Business with Content Marketing and ResultFlow

Dan ThiesOne year ago, Phil Weaver had to start his business all over again, with a brand new website.

Today, he’s more successful than ever – with over 25,000 website visits per week, and record sales.

Watch this video to see how Phil transformed his business using a simple, easy to execute, and nearly foolproof strategy that any kind of business can use.

Tomorrow, I’ll take you on a complete walkthrough of Phil’s campaign, show you how content is selected, how stories get written, how the social campaigns operate, and how he uses the traffic he produces to drive sales.

You don’t have to wait until then to get started, because we’re offering some nice bonuses when you sign up for ResultFlow this week:

  • All new users get access to our “ResultFlow Insiders” chat room, running in the same chat app (Slack) that our team uses every day. Need help? Want advice? We’re there for you, and happy to talk.
  • All new users get a pre-built campaign template, designed to match the same strategy Phil is using, which you can get up and running in an hour or two. Use it “as is,” or customize it using our easy to follow instructions.
  • All new users will receive access to our entire members-only library of training material – from Adwords to Link Liberation (content marketing & SEO) to Universal Traffic Engine (Facebook/Social).
  • All payment plans are at least 33% off of the monthly rate.

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  4. All ResultFlow plans come with a hassle-free, unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.