ResultFlow Case Study – 9x Sales Growth

ResultFlow user Phil Weaver has been busy since he launched his new site last summer – and the results are amazing. This is completely organic growth in traffic (over 5x the traffic since he started) and sales (so far in June, 9x the transactions year over year).

But the best part about this case study is that you can see it all – every post on his website, every social post, everything.

The only thing I can’t show you is his exact sales figures by channel, because he kind of forgot to hook his shopping cart up in Google Analytics. Oops. However, his current run rate is at $240k/year and still growing.

ResultFlow “Free for Feedback” Offer – Apply Here

Free trials don’t work – because you download something and never get around to using it. This deal is different – we’ll help you get everything set up and running – and all you have to do is use the software and tell us what you thought about it. Naturally, we don’t think you’ll ever want to give up your ResultFlow once you see what it can do for you.