Become a Networking Wizard!

Everybody’s heard the old saying, “It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.” Your relationships are the most valuable asset to your business, and networking may be the most valuable skill you can develop. It will not only help your career, but it can also improve your personal life.

Networking isn’t as simple as handing out your business card at happy hour. It’s about the connections you make and the relationships you develop. A master networker does a number of things right, starting with engaging people on a personal level. Sitting in your office chair will get you nowhere; you have to get involved with other people, you have to be kind and open and vulnerable. You also need to listen. Making a great first impression really isn’t all that hard – ask people questions about themselves and listen thoughtfully to their answers. This is your first step to finding common ground. What mutual interests and goals do you share? When you find that out, you can let them know how you can help. Once the conversation is over, make a mental note of everything that was discussed and remember it. When you remember a person, it tells them that they are important to you. Building your network can seem like a daunting task, but with a few simple skills and some discipline, you’ll get there in no time!

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