How Bezos engineered 28% more visitors

Jeff Bezos captained Amazon from nothing but a crazy idea that many people thought would never work into the juggernaut that it is today. In the process, he changed the shape of online commerce. Was that just luck? I’m betting not.

He also owns the Washington Post, and during his watch total visitors have grown by 28% in the 12 months ending in April. We’d all like to do that, right? So what did Jeff do?

The Post ratcheted up their posting frequency to 1200 posts per day! Turns out, they’re not alone.

  • The Guardian posts about as much
  • The Huffington Post was posting more than 1200 times per day even way back in 2013
  • BuzzFeed has increased their content from 914 posts in April of 2012 to 6,365 posts in the same month this year
  • And HubSpot published 4000 articles in the last 12 months

We’re flattered – they’re finally catching on to what we’ve been teaching since 2009. 🙂 Okay, that’s offered in good fun.

As far as we know, Ms. Huffington and Mr. Bezos do not actually have a copy of Link Liberation. Of course, it is possible that someone on those teams has seen our training. We’ve been teaching the hows and whys of high frequency content marketing constantly for over 7 years – much longer than any company listed above has had the practice in place.

But I’m pretty sure we can’t take credit. Really, this is just an idea that has finally become mainstream. Like Bezos, we used to be considered crackpots – it was so easy to rank without doing real content, why would you bother? Come Panda in 2011, and suddenly everyone figured out why! Now, “Content Marketing is the only marketing left” [thank you Seth] and one or two posts a week just does not cut it.

You must create content at scale. That was true even in 2009 – today the numbers are just massively larger.

We now recommend 20 original posts per week with each post socialized 7 or more times and we are already prepping to increase those numbers further. If you are not publishing new content at that level right now – you are falling steadily behind with each passing day. If you don’t change that soon, the story ends badly for you.

That’s why we built ResultFlow.

At 1200 items a day, the Post published about 36,000 times in April. During August of this year, the users of ResultFlow published 22,743 times and only about half our customers come anywhere close to our recommended posting volume.

You wanna compete with the Washington Post? You could actually do that with ResultFlow. Sure, you probably don’t need 1200 posts per day, so who cares about Bezos.

But if you are not using ResultFlow – how are you going to publish even just 20+ items a week and promote them multiple times to social media? Sure, you could bandaid together tools to do it – that’s what we did before ResultFlow – but it’s fragile and requires constant attention.

What you need is an integrated system that runs at scale and on autopilot. One of our most active and successful users told me yesterday that he had not logged into ResultFlow in months – all while producing about 3 times our recommended amount of content. I don’t know, could that have anything to do with his success?

Content Marketing at scale really is the only path to growing more traffic, but don’t believe me – go to the source. The data quoted above is from this article and it is a MUST READ for everyone marketing online.

Read that article now, and then you’ll understand why you will soon be using ResultFlow yourself, or be regretting that you didn’t.