The Viking Velociraptor Formula for Persuasive Copy (video)

Copywriting is Hard.

If you’ve ever had to write an email to a customer or prospect, you know this.
If you’ve ever had to write a product description or sales letter, you know this.

Even professional copywriters sometimes struggle to get the right words out – and they do this for a living!

I used to have a hard time with copywriting too, but I had the good fortune to meet Colin Theriot many years ago – before he grew the beard and started his own cult.

And because of that, I not only got to watch Colin teach his favorite copywriting system at our “Brainstorm” event a couple years ago, I also have a video recording from that session to share with you.

It doesn’t matter what you sell – this method works for everything.

Nowadays, if I need to write copy – I watch this video first. Seriously. The whole thing. I also have it in an MP3 on my phone, in case I can’t sit and watch.

Then, I sit down with a printout or PDF of his slides. I answer all of the questions, and then I use Colin’s simple “Viking Velociraptor” formula to turn those answers into persuasive copy that gets results.

No matter what kind of copy it is, no matter who it’s for.

If you’ve been following along with the Universal Traffic Engine training, and need a little help getting your Avatar and Message dialed in – this video will show you how to build a “lock and key” relationship between your prospect (Avatar) and your business.

Dan Thies

P.S. There are a lot of theories about why Colin’s face doesn’t come out clearly in videos. Is he a vampire? Does he project some kind of a hidden force field? Maybe – but in this case, it’s just bad video encoding. Probably. Maybe.

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