brings back $9/mo “pay as you go” plan

Good news comes our way via Dennis van der Heijden of, our favorite WYSIWYG testing tool for websites.

For sites with a lower volume of traffic, the $9 per month plan is back – with a “pay as you go” model:

  • Pay $9 per month for up to 2000 tested visitors
  • Pay an additional $9 to test an additional 1000 visitors
  • Includes split testing and A/B testing, but not multivariate tests

This is a great way to get your conversions “up to snuff” at a low cost. You’d probably want to to use this for testing your primary conversion actions – things like email optins, add to cart, etc.

Anyway, there’s no secret link to follow or anything, it’s right there on their pricing page now:


  1. Interesting! Am actually under Colibri Tool’s free trial (actually loving it) but info like this always help. Thanks for the head’s up