Don’t Believe These Small-Business Myths

A recent statistic on suggested that two-thirds of people under thirty want to start their own business. Small business ownership is one route to financial and career independence, so it’s not surprising the number is so high. What is surprising is how few of those people will actually try to make their dreams a reality. The reason for this is that people look at starting a small business as a scary, risky proposition. But once you clear away the myths surrounding starting a small business, you’ll find that it doesn’t have to be.

Most people think you need to invest a lot of capital to start a small business, but the reality is that you can start your business for less than a hundred dollars. Rather than try to achieve everything you envision on day one, narrow down your ideas to a place you can start with on a limited budget and grow from there. You don’t need to know everything about running a small business to be successful, either. Creating a successful small business is about creativity and learning as you go. If you run upon tasks you just don’t know how to do, you can always outsource them once you’re up and running. Starting your business doesn’t have to be scary – just get over these myths and you’re halfway there!

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