Automated Hiring System For Writers with Corey Burke

Automated Hiring System For Writers with Corey Burke

Just like water, air & food, having good writers is a necessity of life if you’re an online marketer.

Join us for “Automated Hiring System For Writers”.

The only way to rank in the search engines for the long haul is by building an audience.  The only way to build an audience is by writing good content.

Who has time to write good content?  Not you.

Who needs good content writers?  You!

We’ve worked with thousands of online marketers, and the successful ones write little to NONE of their own content.

Wanna see a super cool 21st-century screening & hiring process for finding the best content writers?  One of our Platinum Members developed a system for hiring writers via Craigslist using Gmail canned responses. He uses this system in his consultancy to find writers.  I asked him to do a demo for our members, and it was a huge hit! We asked him nicely if he’d show it to you too.

Corey will show you step by step how to use gmail to deliver to your inbox JUST the best, most qualified writers, and it’s all automagic.

There’s nothing more to it. This is a complete training. You’ll be able to implement it immediately following the webinar.

Title:  Automated Hiring Systems For Writers
Date:  November 27, 2012
Author:  Corey Burke & Andrea Warner
Run Time: 01:54:15 (1 hour, 54 minutes, 15 seconds)

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  1. This question is for Corey.
    How do you give author attribution for the article on the site?
    Do you use the name of the site owner, the name of the actual writer or a persona?
    Thanks so much, you all Rock!

  2. Hey there Steve,

    Good question. We hire our writers as “work for hire” so that we own the rights to the content our writers create. Thus they are “Ghost Writers” and the attribution goes to the owner of the website, or the pen name attributed to the website.

    We do not attribute the blogger or writer.

    Hope that answers your question.


  3. Hey Corey,

    Yesterday’s webinar was one of the most valuable I have ever attended. When working solo, working smart and automating as much as possible is a necessity.

    Thanks for the info.


  4. Steve Joyce says:

    this was an awesome session and Corey delivered 1st class advice and training – I agree with the other folks here – this was brilliant – well done Corey and thx to SEO Brain Trust for making this available –
    Kudos guys !


  5. K. Williams says:

    I just had a few questions after the webinar…

    1. How long does it take a writer to compose an article?

    2. What software do you use to manage the tasks and communicate with your outsourcer?

    3. Ballpark what do you charge clients for the LL3 services that you do?

    Many thanks.

    • Hey there,

      Those are great questions. I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

      1. This is definitely going to depend on the skill level of your writers. Because I try to find someone that can type 80-100 words a minute they can usually get articles put together really fast. I usually expect anywhere from 1-3 days turn around, but most of that time is for them to do research.

      2. Personally I use activeCollab and it’s great for what I need. I can add new employees super easy and my ticketing system within is great. I use it in conjunction with Google Docs and skype to stay in contact..

      I hear that Basecamp is really good, so that might be worth checking out.

      3. This depends on many different factors:
      – how big is their market
      – where are they at currently (i.e. starting from scratch, or do they already have a launching off point, or did they do things wrong and we have to clean stuff up to even get started.)
      – how competitive is their market
      – what’s their budget

      While I can usually make it work with their budget, if they just don’t have the money to pay for what needs to be done I turn down the job. Someone will come along that can afford what we offer.

      Remember that (for me at least):
      – our writers are all in the US
      – most of them are in-house for us
      – we are creating way more content than they ever could on their own
      – we are building marketing channels for them that can be used for years to come

      I hope that helps answer any questions you may have had.


  6. WOW….

    This was killer information. The system created here could be used for just about any business and scenario. Corey again I have to say thank you for it and your email response.

    This is just brain dead simple!

    Raphael Love

  7. Bobby Verma says:

    Thanks Corey for delivering an amazing automation solution! Look forward to implementing!


  8. Michael Storm says:

    Was unable to watch last night, but saw it today. Thanks for a great way to streamline the process.
    I like the use of canned responses, which makes it easy to weed out what I don’t want.
    Thanks for putting this on.

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