The Penguin Update, Membership Sites, & Building Content

On this week’s show we talk about the recent Penguin Update, and show some of the buzz. Also, you can find out what we have seen happen.

Watch the replay by clicking here.

Next we go on to answer the following Platinum Members questions …

Q: About Penguin / Panda. Can a single page be penalized [have extra penalization] in comparison with the rest of the site ? Or is it more a site-wide thing?

Q: Can anyone suggest a good membership platform?

    I will be offering online courses primarily by video; much like Marketers Braintrust.

      I have looked at WordPress plugins and hosted solutions. Currently favour but course layout is a bit simplistic – not as nice as kajabi for example.

        I realise there are pro’s and con’s to all available options and am keen to get thoughts from the community.

      Q: And How Do I convince my client to allow broadly related content on their website, that everything does not have to be only about them and the products they sell?

      Enjoy the video and join us next week when the whole team brings together ideas on getting your eCommerce site and marketing ready for the biggest selling season of the year.

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