Hey Internet: fix this calendar problem for me

My calendar won’t do what I need it to, and I am not the only one.

Leslie and I have a coaching call with a group of long time clients, every Wednesday, at 2pm Eastern… except the last Wednesday of every month, it’s at 7pm.

I can’t set up a recurring event in any kind of online/cloud/sharable calendar system that has these properties. Not on Google, iCloud, any of them. Is it written in iCal that I can’t do this?

I can set up a 7pm on the last Wednesday of the month. I can set up a 2pm “every Wednesday.” This is how I have it set up now.

But on the last Wednesday of the month, I get a “false alarm” for a 2pm call that isn’t going to happen, and all of the automatic calendar syncing that I have means that 2pm-4pm will still show as “busy” on my calendars, even though I am actually available.

Fix it, Internet.

(Yes, I know I could schedule them all by hand, but that makes changing the schedule a mess, and another expense, on top of the “by hand” thing.

Shouldn’t this be possible, and if it’s not, doesn’t iCal or CalDAV or whatever the heck governs this sort of stuff – doesn’t that need to be fixed?)


  1. Not possible in a single calendar event that I’ve ever seen, but absolutely possible using BusyCal that sync’s with both iCal and Google Cal, or any other CalDAV. You would need four events unfortunately, but they would be recurring at least and scheduled to occur at the times you need on “First Wed of the month” as an example.

    I think this is what you mean anyway. See screen shot:


  2. Hi
    I’m fairly sure my task manager app Dooster.net can do this. You’d need to set up different tasks ie 1st Wednesday each months / 2nd etc
    We sync w Google…
    We’re strong on task manager features eg recurring… but weak on SEO / marketing 😉