Leaking Leads? Here’s How to Plug Your Analytics Gaps

Leaking Leads? Here’s How to Plug Your Analytics Gaps

Figuring out where you leads are coming from can be a difficult process with even the best of analytics tools. Using UTM codes properly can give you a better idea where your most promising leads are coming from. This article will explain to you the best way to utilize UTMs. Also provided is a better way to utilize your inbound call leads.

Key Takeaways:

  • Campaigns must be properly tagged in order for analytic platforms to work effectively.
  • Much of the lead traffic data can be misleading if campaigns are not set up to maximize analytic platforms ability to find and sort data.
  • Making marketing decisions based on incomplete or otherwise misleading data leads to wasted money and missed sales.

“If campaigns aren’t tagged properly (and let’s be honest, who tags Tweets with any regularity), analytics programs will have a tough time picking up the referral source.”