Link Liberation update – a brand new content type

Link Liberation update – a brand new content type

Notice: This is an important Link Liberation update. Since 2009 we’ve been teaching the use of “Commentaries” as a key part of your content marketing mix. No longer! For the first time in 7 years we are replacing an element of the Content Pyramid. This 13m 41s video exposes the new content type, explains why we’ve done it, and how to create this new highly engaging content type for a price you might find hard to believe.

As mentioned in this video

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Updated! (10-June-2016)

Really great question in the comments below (thanks Suzanne) that I’ve answered in detail in this 10 min live demo in ResultFlow.

Keep those questions coming. 🙂


  1. Leslie,

    This is a great video and a neat idea. I have used mechanical turk in the past, and am curious about hte process. I understand you have a review…are those reviewers looking for grammar AND content? If the summaries or key points are poor quality to begin with, the results will still be poor quality.

    I”m curious how you get reasonable quality in the first place and what hte reviewers (the 10cent tasks) are asked to look for? The examples you show certainly read like intelligent natural writing, so it’s working !


    • Suzanne,
      Great question – and I know others have the same one – so later today I’ll post a follow-up showing *precisely* what we are doing behind the scenes!

    • Brendam says:

      Hey Leslie,

      Is there a way to stop the writers from doing other parts article creation. Ie reviewing their own part

      • We use three reviewers on each review step and it is not possible for one Turker to fill more than one of those slots. It is true that the writer could also be one of the reviewers which would skew the “vote” but if his/her writing didn’t pass muster with two other reviewers it would still fail. The Turker would also would have to know what our process looks like AND (very quickly) find and select the HIT that was the review step for the writing he/she just did. That’s not possible except by accepting and returning each HIT, which would take so long that it would not be worth the trouble.

        This likely explains why I’ve never seen this happen. 🙂

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Looks like a great tool for generating unique low cost content.

    I was just wondering, if I buy do I get access to Link Liberation? and if not, how about a discount on the course, if it’s still available.


  3. Richard Rivera says:

    Hi Leslie

    I outsource content creation which I then post on different WP sites that I own. On some of those articles, I will have a link going to a money site.

    I have 2 questions

    Can you have a link inserted in the content that Resultflow posts?

    What platforms can Resultflow post to? WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, etc


    • You can put any content you want into ResultFlow output. It’s just a matter of designing the process and writing the instructions. ResultFlow posts to WordPress as our most-supported option. Anything that will accept the Meta-Webblog XMLRPC interface can be used. We also currently support Hubspot with plans to support many other platforms in the future based on demand.

  4. Thank you, great video!

  5. Sadly MTurk is *still* USA only, darn it… “At this time Mechanical Turk does not support Requesters from countries outside the United States”

    • Well, actually, if you reach out to me personally (leslie @ this domain) I’ll tell you “on the down low” how we make that work right now for about a dozen non-US businesses.