Memo to Marketers: Google adds ad group level mobile bids

When Google announced Enhanced Campaigns for Adwords, it was mostly a good thing, but there were clearly a few use cases that they didn’t think about. While it’s true that there’s nothing you could do before, that can’t be done with enhanced campaigns, the “enhancement” was missing a lot.

Google has just announced that one of the BIG gaps in the capability of “enhanced” has been closed. Soon, Adwords advertisers will be able to specify bid adjustments for mobile devices on an ad group level.

This is important, because every ad group will perform differently on different devices – some will need higher bids, some lower bids, and some will need the mobile bid adjusted all the way down to “do not show my ads on mobile devices, you greedy bastards.”

Big kudos to Bhanu Narasimhan and the team at Google. If they can maintain this kind of responsiveness, advertisers are going to really love the way Google does business with them. Like we used to.

Here’s that link again: (Google Adwords Official Blog)

P.S. If you missed the memo entirely, you’ll want to read up on the change to enhanced campaigns, and start preparing to transition now. Google will move everybody over in a couple months, and you want to make the switch before they do it by force. You will *not* like what happens if you let them do it for you.


  1. It’s nice of them to add that, but I still prefer to control mobile bids at the keyword level. 😉