One small change added more than $7,000 in revenue

One small change added more than $7,000 in revenue

The diagram shows the revenue from two different sources over a 5 month period.


The smaller one ($3,536.26), named “Blog”, is the revenue provided directly by the blog.

This revenue is the result of our content marketing service. The content attracts traffic to the blog and some percentage of visitors click one of the CTA’s and make a purchase. We are posting 15 new items each week, so we attract lots of “long tail” search. We also post each item to the major social platforms which drives more traffic to the blog and from there the main commerce site.

That’s the foundation of all content marketing. The results achieved by this client are lower than what we would expect and we believe it is because of the theme and some other design features used by this client. It’s one of the things we’re working with the client to change.

But now look at the campaign named “weeklydigest” and notice that it sourced more than twice the revenue ($7,404.39) that the blog did. What’s that about?

Many clients come to us fixated on a single traffic source – Google search typically – but we don’t view online marketing that way. We use as many channels as possible, free and paid, because our interest is business results, instead of an emotional attachment to some non-revenue metric like ranking, shares, followers, etc.

Since we are already moving the needle with search and social, the logical question was “how else can we leverage the content we are creating?” What other channels could we use to drive revenue?

The “weeklydigest” campaign is an email we compose and send for this client every week. There is no additional cost to client and close to zero added work for us as well. How?

The weekly email reuses the content we posted to the blog!

Every week, a piece of custom software pulls several feeds from the client’s blog, does some formatting of images, and plugs the posts into a mobile-responsive email template. This is a “nurturing campaign” designed to inform, entertain, and engage your list. But, we are here to make you money, so each mail also includes a CTA leading to the commerce site. We handle all the mailing using Amazon SES so it’s a completely turn-key system for the client.

The big lesson here is leverage

We start with content because it is required to drive SEO. We add social to the mix for the traffic it provides plus the impact it has on search. We then add email as well. That’s three different traffic channels for the price of one. In this case, it took a losing proposition and tripled the outcome to a create a clear win.

None other than Seth Godin said:
Content marketing is the only marketing left.

We agree. You should either do this yourself – we’ve described the details many times – or have us do it for you.

And we’ll even make you a special deal.

Pay for your first two months of service and we’ll give you your 3rd month for free. That’s a 33% discount.

All the details are right HERE

Some “fine print” you should know

(1) This offer is honestly a marketing experiment. We ran it once before with, I think, mixed results, so depending on how it goes this time, this might be the last time.

(2) Bringing on a new client involves senior staff. They are few in number and pretty expensive, so this offer is available to ONLY the first 6 new clients that signup before midnight on May 1, 2016. After that, the experiment ends and you might never see it again.


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