How To Get Your Google Penalty Removed

Prison Cell at NightDo you or your clients have a Google penalty?

In this training, Dan Thies will explain:

  • The five essential steps in the penalty removal process
  • The biggest mistakes people make at each step
  • How to dramatically reduce the cost of penalty removal
  • What kind of links drive your cost up the most
  • The key messages you need to send to Google
  • When to go “above and beyond” in removing links

A Google Penalty isn’t the end of the world – but it can be a costly, gut-wrenching, challenging process to clean up the mess and get that penalty removed.

We show you how to get Google penalties lifted.

[S3VIDEO file=”Andrea/How-To-Get-Your-Google-Penalty-Removed.mp4″]
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  1. The described cleansing process reminds me of what I did to get right with credit rating agencies after a brush with identity theft. Keeping a diary of the process, particularly my contacts with law enforement (much like the spreadsheet you mention), was key to the process. Every time I made a contact or fielded an inquiry, I would add it to the diary file, and I would send that file to the latest contact. It took only two years to clean up the mess. A nice side effect was that the parole violating felon doing the dirty deeds got sent back to finish his sentence.