There’s NO Excuse for Having a “Small” Business on the Internet (Part 3)

So what’s this all about?

In the first part of this series, I explained why *now* is the best time to take your marketing strategy up a notch, to capitalize on the current market conditions, and gave you a free video from our training library, showing you how simple tweaks in keyword strategy can give you better results, with less work, via the “How Many Keywords Should I Target?” video at the end of the post.

In the second part, I talked about a five-point plan for improving your online marketing strategy – and making SEO less of a drag and more of an engine for driving business growth, then we gave you another free video – from my partner Leslie Rohde, which shows you *exactly* how to pick the right keywords to work on at the right time.

And I mentioned – briefly, that we’re going to open up our Platinum mastermind coaching program again, to accept a few more members.

Now before you run for the exit, let me just say that we actually talk to every member of this program personally, so space is truly limited, and we’re looking to fill those spots up fast. When you read about what we’re offering, you’ll understand why they *will* fill up fast.

So if you’re at all interested in working with me or Leslie as your coach (actually, you get *both* of us for the same price), you want to pay close attention to this message, where I’m going to tell you exactly:

  • What the SEO Braintrust’s coaching program is all about
  • What it will do for you – and more importantly, how to decide if you will benefit
  • Why *now* is the best time for you to join – and get $2000 worth of training as an added bonus

So, what’s this “Platinum Mastermind Coaching” thing all about?

Can I be perfectly honest with you? This is an easy decision…

By now, you either understand why taking the RIGHT actions at the right time is critical to growing your business… or you don’t. By now, you either believe that Leslie and I can help you grow your business and make more money… or you don’t. You’ve seen our free training videos, and you’re either “on board” with the way we teach this stuff, or you’re not.

So let’s skip the long blah-blah-blah pitch about why you want to work with us, and talk about how this coaching program actually works.

The most important part of the program is our weekly coaching calls – yes, we have a big library of training materials, on SEO, PPC, Analytics, Local SEO, etc. – but the biggest benefit, by far, is being able to talk with us on a regular basis, let us get to know your business, and set the right strategy for your healthy, long term growth.

Sometimes, we’ll refer you to videos or PDFs in our training library, to help you carry out the strategy we’ve talked about. Other times, we’ll come up with specifically tailored strategies and tactics, and you’ll be able to review that any time you want by downloading the recordings of our coaching calls.

Your coaching calls take place every Thursday, and everyone’s invited to attend. Callers take turns asking questions, and we stick with it until we’ve gotten to everyone. Often times, this means that we spend 20-30 minutes with one individual, others just need a quick answer.

The important thing is that we are there for you – at a cost *far* below what you’d pay us for hourly consultations.

If you’ve got a quick question, of course, we have a private discussion forum where you can take care of that in a hurry (I spend a lot of time in there), and lengthy Q&A discussions on every piece of training material in our library. You’ll benefit from the knowledge and experience of your fellow members, who have all “been there” at some point and know exactly what you’re going through.

Honestly, I shouldn’t even have to “sell” this, but it’s not for everyone, and we only want to work with those who can truly benefit.

How You’ll Know That This is Right for You

If you’ve got an online business right now, and you’re ready, willing, and able to put our strategies into action, we believe that we can help you grow your business. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve got plenty of successful students and clients who wouldn’t go anywhere else for this kind of coaching.

We’ve also worked with far too many people who:

  • Get bogged down in technical details or worrying about stuff they can’t control
  • Are afraid to take anyone’s advice without seeking a second, third, and fourth opinion
  • Find themselves constantly distracted by the “next big thing”

Look – we *all* have those weaknesses to some degree, but we can help you the most if you’re willing to commit – right here and now – to stop letting the “little stuff” get in your way, to taking a little action each week, and turning your business into the cash cow that it ought to be.

We’re going to ask you – during the time that you’re working with us – to go through a MAXIMUM of one (1) training course at a time, and work on implementing what we teach. If you can do that, then we’d love to be your coaches.

We’ve got around 60 seats open right now, and we’d like to fill them up quickly. That’s why we’re about to make you a killer deal with…

The Amazing “Holy Cow!” Bonus Offer That We Won’t Repeat!

You may have heard about my “Link Liberation” course – the one that completely changes the game in SEO, by turning the painful process of getting links into a fun (and often profitable) exercise that gets you more links without even having to ask for them.

What you might not know is that we’re completely reworking that course – adding some amazing software to make it all 100% easier – and releasing it this October (Link Liberation 2.0), at a cost of just under $2000.

Now, we like to take care of our students, so if you join our coaching program, it’s not going to cost you anywhere near that much, because we’re going to just include that entire course – and the software – as part of your monthly coaching.

That’s right – every current member of our Platinum coaching program is going to get that course, without paying an extra dime to us – and so will you, if you join us this month.

So… does it work?

Amazing Results (All That’s Missing is YOU)

Well, we think it does – and so do our students.

I’m slowly, painfully slogging through the process of generating precise data on the “typical results” experienced by our students the first two times we offered this class, and we’ll be releasing detailed proof during the launch in October. For now, I can say with confidence that it works great, when you put it to work.

Here’s some direct feedback I got on my blog earlier this year, from a happy student:

He’s not part of our “controlled study group,” but you can see here why he’s so happy – their link building has just exploded since he took the class last summer:

Here’s a similar chart from someone in the second class:

I think Al Gore would call those “hockey sticks” – class starts, and shortly after, it’s like the Industrial Revolution pumping CO2 into the air – except instead of carbon dioxide and global warming, it’s massive amounts of inbound links, and your rankings are the only thing that’s “heating up.”

The door is open NOW – are you coming in?

The cost of SEO Braintrust “Platinum Mastermind” coaching is just $297 per month – that’s likely to go up in the near future, and since the new Link Liberation course starts in October, we’re not going to be bringing in any more members for a while.

The decision is yours. If you’re ready to get started, so are we. I’m going to be mailing this offer to a whole lot more people next week (unless we sell out before then), but we wanted to give our regular readers a chance to grab these spots before we open it up to everyone.

Space Is Limited – Click Here To Sign Up Now


PS – I promised to give you my list of “must read” SEO blogs, but there are a few changes that need to be made, so I’ll get that to you on Monday or Tuesday.


  1. I purchased a dormant promotional products business (sells business promo items like imprinted shirts, cups,etc.) with the goal to revitalize and transform this business to a totally internet-based business. In the two years since I began this project I have had some success but I am a long way from reaching a critical point in terms of revenue. I found that my business was a very small fish in a gigantic ocean and I really did not know how to position the business so that it was visible from a search point of view. The business is complicated by the fact that it offers an extremely wide variety of products and thus far there has not been any patterns emerge from the sales that we have made. Product selections are most frequently buyer decisions not amenable to specials or other targeted offers.

    I did attempt to work with another mastermind unsuccessfully. The problem there, as I saw it, was that he had a canned approach which simply did not fit my needs. We parted amicably.


    • Warren,

      One size does not fit all – every business has different areas of opportunity, and while my greatest need might be to improve on my inbound lead generation (and it is), your business might be screaming for conversion rate improvements (and it is).

      Your site could use some design & copy work for sure. The bulk of the home page is taken up by inward-focused copy (first word in the headline is “Our” – make it about them not you) and a video that’s hard to understand and doesn’t really communicate any benefit to the visitor. You have a call to action that says “sign up for our free Promo Club on the right above” but the only email optin I could find is on the bottom left, and there’s no real incentive to do so – creating a free report or something that has value to the customer isn’t much work, and the exercise helps with copy writing in other places.

      The category pages are laid out in a way that leaves room for big gorgeous product images, but you’ve got little tiny thumbnails. If you used the larger images that show on the product pages, you’d make it easier to shop and improve conversions. If you used the full size product image on the product pages and tightened up that layout, it’d be a lot better there too. The order button needs to be within a thumbs-width of the price, and the order button needs to be easy to find.

      Nothing featured on your featured items page is clickable – I might get all excited about one of those products but I’m probably not going to stay excited for long if I have to hunt for it on the site.

      Our friend Audrey Kerwood is an e-commerce veteran with a nice free course (, and she does occasional webinars where you can get your site reviewed. If your budget doesn’t allow you to work with an expert coach directly (as in “they actually look at your site with you and get to know your business), you can get some good mileage out of Audrey’s stuff over there.

  2. Sounds like you’ve everything in this course. I’m looking forward to seeing who you have in your must read SEO blogs.

  3. Andy Iskandar says:

    Hi Dan,

    Is the monthly subscription indefinite or for a fixed term?



    • Andy, it’s a monthly subscription, with no fixed term. You can stay as long as you like (we have no plans to stop coaching people), cancel any time, and cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund. The “Link Liberation 2.0” course will begin in October, so you would need to be a member for 4 months to receive the full course. If you do cancel (we don’t expect to work with anyone “forever”), you keep access to any of the SEO Braintrust courses that were delivered during your membership.

  4. hey Dan and Leslie
    I signed up.

    On payment confirmation I was redirected to the inside of the ‘Trust’

    I logged out assuming the login credentials you sent were for the ‘Trust’

    They weren’t….

    Now I cant login in again….(I’d set aside this weekend to get immersed)

    So I sent a mail to Leslie (on the mail address on the invoice I received). It contains my plea for help, my first impressions and a concise overview of why I joined.

    Please check Leslie’s mail and get back to me…



    • Hi Nick – I just sent you your password. You can reply to my email if you have any other problems, I’ll be checking throughout the day. The next coaching call on Thursday is with Leslie. Looking forward to working with you!

  5. Hello everyone,

    I’d like to put my two peneth worth in too! Warren your situation I feel has similarities to mine. I bought a web design franchise about a year ago and have been up to my neck in “Overwhelm”. This is my first venture into the Internet, I have to learn as much as possible in as quick a time as possible. This is why the “Overwhelm” phrase has stood out for me. Between searching for as much information as possible and taking it all in I now truly know the internet is “Big”. The way I see the internet now and how I view websites has changed. It is because of people like Dan and Leslie that I now feel I am starting to do the right things to get noticed. I gather as much free information as possible, I simply can’t afford the outlay on some of the courses I have come across. I have watched the 3 free videos and I can’t fault them, they are the reason why I stayed on the site and clicked through more. Some of the ideas being raised pinpoint exactly what I have been doing. Now, I’m doing what I’m doing because of the previous websites and tutorials I have visited. The terms used in the braintrust videos really hammer home the other stuff by having it explained and given a title in the way Dan and Leslie do. The explanation of link building with 2 or 3 search terms is spot on, that’s where I am at right now I couldn’t find my page before and I can see it on the first page and down to the fifth on google now. By the looks of your website it’s pretty much set up. The direction you will be given by signing up with the guys, is going to make you realise where you are going wrong. I think they called it the “silver bullet”, you will not get one of them, its all hard work and effort, but its for yourself. You have to realise what it is you have to do or be taught. You also have to be versatile, you have to be willing to accept and take onboard. You have to do the things you dont like or hire someone to do them for ya! Being a Braintrust student will deffinately get your head around it.

    It’s easy for me to say as I’m not signing up, that’s a finance issue more than anything else. I believe you shouldn’t have to pay to get your self noticed on the internet, I do not want to pay anyone for advertising. But if you did the cost of the advertising will probably be more than the cost of their tuition. Paying for your advertising on the internet in this way can be endless and you would still feel like you don’t know what is going on. However, I would take the plunge in signing up here. I know after a month you would be starting to see the necessary changes and if you could afford six months, you would want a year of it. Thats a bold thing to say for someone who is not going to sign up but in my defence, I have taken sometime to write this comment. That is because something I heard or read here caught my attention and made sense, probably something along the lines of what has got the rest of us commenting.

    Big thumbs up to Dan and Leslie. Sorry I can’t commit financially but I will be scouring the rest of your site for more great tips.

  6. i too started last year on internet. with zero knowledge of it and its tactics….i was like a blind trying to cross the road. Then I started collecting information from free sources like articles and newsletters and contacting other people on internet. And now I can say that I started learning internet but still a newbie to it…
    I just came across to your post by surfing and found your site great..Sorry I can’t join it as financially I am still not sound but ya will be regular visitors to your site to get knowledge and will try to expose myself more to internet….Thanks Dan!!!

  7. Hi Guys from the United Kingdom.

    Just wondering if Platinum membership is outside my budget, will you be offering Gold membership (slightly cheaper) to the public? If so will this offer all the same training material ect.



    United Kingdom

  8. I’m floundering because I still don’t know what I want my website to be when it grows up.


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