“SEO is Dead” Not!


In the more than 13 years that I’ve been researching, teaching, and consulting in SEO, I’m sure SEO has been pronounced dead at least every couple years. Poppycock.

Changed? Sure. Matured? Yes! (Thank God). Impotent and senile? Well, that depends.

The screen grab shows monthly organic traffic for the last twelve months compared to the same months in the year prior. If a 99% year-over-year increase is what dead looks like, then I’m really looking forward to it!

What changed for this client was that starting in November of 2014 we began posting new, unique content at the rate of 15 items a week. We also syndicated the content to social media and boosted one post per week on Facebook.

That’s it. No outreach. No “link building”. No PBNs, spinning, bookmarking, or any of the other schemes that used to constitute “SEO”.

Just real content, written by real people, for the right audience.

So is your SEO dead? Maybe it is – but our “SEO” [Content Marketing] most certainly is not.