The SEO Triple Threat on Stage Together

NOTE: This video should play on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers – including Mobile Safari (hello, iPad!).

For the first time ever on the same stage – Leslie Rohde, Dan Thies, and Jerry West answered attendees’ questions live for 90 minutes. White Hat, Black Hat, and anything in between – this session was “no holds barred” and you get it all. This 90 minute video was shot at StomperNet’s Live8 event in August of 2009.


  1. Great video some of it was way over my head… but equally some was not… learned a lot!

  2. Glen McNiel says:

    Jerry West: “Are you in the porn industry?”
    Audience Member: “Why do you recognize me from something?”

    So funny! Really made my day guys, I’m glad I had some free time this weekend to watch this video. This definitely needs to go on the highlights reel.

  3. Robert Starkey says: is now offline. Do you have a replacement?

  4. In the SEO Brain Trust – do you do any training on how to optimize for local markets? E.g. do backlinks from local sites bring more than from a site somewhere in the world if you try to rank country specific.

    And is there a way to tell Google for which country to rank you. E.g. I have a site specific to the Australian market and don’t want the American traffic.


  5. Thanks for the awesome video. Had a number of tips and things I always wanted to get an answer to.

    Some questions I have:

    Does it still work to not pay Yahoo directory anymore and it stays listed in it?

    What is the tool that compares AOL to Google indexed pages to find the ones soon going to the “graveyard”

  6. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to get such high quality, clear cut, reliable information on SEO in a world jam packed with misinformation on the subject.

    Being put on the right course for sound SEO has been one of, if not, the greatest resource for me as an entrepreneur having virtually zero capital to work with.

    Thank you!