The founders have done teaching, training, and mentoring of small business owners for more than a decade and if that’s what you’re after go hit the Training tab to take a look at our mounds of free stuff and purchase our products.


You could go focus on your business and just have us do this for you.  If that’s you, you’re in the right place!  We employ a (growing) staff of 15 people trained in our methods and supervised directly by the partners (Dan, Leslie, and Corey).

To find out if how our services will fit with your business, email brett (at) with your domain name and contact information.  We’ll take a look at your site, run our own in-house evaluations, and get back to you with a recommendation.  We’ll also want to speak with you more about your business and what you’re trying to achieve, so please include a contact number with your email

Adwords Management

Company founder and CEO Dan Thies was running Adwords accounts from the very beginning and is internationally recognized for both his current teaching and his early advancement of keyword research.  Mr. Thies directs our internal team in the day-to-day management of your account, and personally creates and optimizes the strategy we’ll employ.

Content Marketing (“SEO”)

Human authored content tuned to the market your company serves is the only safe and effective strategy that remains to achieve long term search engine rankings.  And it’s about time!  Finally, Google is actually enforcing what the rules they always espoused.

Our system and methods have been in use by hundreds of students and dozens of clients since 2009 and have been successful without a glitch no matter the machinations at Google.

This service is run by our VP of Client Services, Corey Burke.  Mr. Burke built a million dollar agency on his own using our methods, so we stole him away to do the same – and more! – for us.