Want to be a Leader? Cut Out These Bad Habits

The best thing you can do for your business is to be an effective leader. You can have the best products in the world, but if you’re not steering the ship well, you’re sure to crash sooner or later. Good leadership isn’t always about what you’re doing; sometimes it’s about what you’re not doing. For example, you might think that being an intimidating boss will create more production from your employees, but the opposite is true. If you rule with an iron fist, your employees will resent you and, by extension, the work they’re doing for you. This is a recipe for high turnover rates and a toxic work environment. Instead, take the time to teach your employees and help them reach their goals. Likewise, if you’re a micromanager, you’re probably creating a lot of resentment for yourself. Micomanaging tells employees that you can’t trust them to do their jobs. Effective leaders delegate and give control over to others, allowing employees to find their footing in the company. Still, when things go wrong, effective leaders take responsibility rather than blaming everyone else around them. Being a great leader isn’t easy, but the first step down that path is to recognize your bad habits and work to fix them. Read the full article here: 5 Leadership Traits That Do More Harm Than Good