Who is The Braintrust?


Dan Thies

Founder and CEO

Dan Thies has been helping his clients and friends build their business online since Netscape was a startup. His books and courses have helped tens of thousands take control of their online marketing, and as head of the Braintrust Labs team, continues to develop cutting-edge marketing solutions that bring “big company” marketing techniques to small companies who are ready to grow.


Leslie Rohde

Founder and President

Leslie Rohde is a geek by birth and a businessman by choice. While others seek to learn what works, Leslie looks at how it works, why it works and how to make it work even better. That’s how he came to be internationally known for a string of innovations in search marketing including the discovery of the ranking importance of link text (2002), the development of PageRank Sculpting (2003), and a string of lesser known online marketing advances in the years since.


Corey Burke

Partner & VP of Client Services

Corey has over 10 years experience in marketing online. His experience covers everything from selling info products, physical products, YouTube, eBay stores, services, to lead generation for one of the most difficult markets known to man.

Due to his background in Engineering (and inherently lazy nature), he excels when it comes to setting up systems and processes that make daily tasks nearly effortless and totally scalable. But don’t let his calm, laid-back exterior fool you, he’s a book who’s cover cannot be judged, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Michelle Chance-Sangthong

Michelle Chance-Sangthong

Business Growth Coach

Born with a brain that’s half marketing, half geek and all about getting things done as quickly and effectively as possible! The Internet has been an incredible playground for Michelle personally and professionally, and she loves exploring its uses and possibilities in the ever changing landscape of search & social marketing.

Brett Hudechek

Brett Hudechek

Client Solutions Consultant

Brett Hudechek joins Marketer’s Braintrust as Sales Manager and Business Development Consultant with over 20 years sales experience primarily centered around sales planning and development, strategic selling and sales operations. His background includes CPG manufacturing, retail (both online and offline), business services and commercial building communication systems. His contributions have included branding, product development, marketing, channel sales and promotional events. Brett has developed and managed his own business and is passionate about consulting with others to grow theirs.


Jessica Price

Cruise Director

Jessica comes to us with a background in advertising and event planning, having been a part of many events in Portland, Oregon, such as the Blues Festival, the Rose Festival Duathlon, Jake’s Famous Crawfish Annual St. Patrick’s Day Bash, and many more. As Cruise Director at the Braintrust, she plans and oversees every aspect of Braintrust Live Events, from our Private Client Quarterly Masterminds to our Annual 3-Day Live Event. In addition, Jess is the Private Client Concierge, ensuring calls are scheduled regularly, setting up service for new clients, and being available 24 hours a day to answer questions, helping to keep clients’ businesses running at top speed. Just call her Julie McCoy!

garrett-rohdeGarrett Rohde

IT Specialist

An avid technologist from an early age, and previously a professional airline pilot as well, Garrett made the transition several years ago into systems management and software development. Garrett runs all of technology, both internally and for clients, so his mission is to push back on time and fly straight and level.