WordPress SEO With Joost de Valk

We get more questions about WordPress SEO than just about anything.

There are all kinds of decisions you have to make with WordPress – some of them are easy, some of them are hard… and once you find out the answer, the next question is going to be “okay, so… how do I do that in WordPress?”

Joost de Valk can answer all those questions, plus that nagging little “how do I do it” thing, and he’s joining us for a free webinar next Tuesday, February 28th.

If you’ve never heard of Joost, maybe it’s because you know him as “Yoast.” You know, from Yoast.com:

  • He wrote the only SEO plugin we ever use – and he gives it away for free
  • He wrote the only Google Analytics plugin we ever use – and gives it away for free
  • He has done more testing on WordPress SEO than anyone, and he shares his insights… for free

On Tuesday, we’re going to see how much of the man’s brain we can download in an hour… and get the inside scoop on how an SEO plugin that “doesn’t do anything” became the best SEO plugin anywhere.

The demand for this webinar is extremely high – so if you want to hear Joost live, and participate in the Q&A session that follows, you really ought to register here right now.

Dan & Leslie


  1. Looking forward to viewing the recording!

  2. Wow very cool! I might have to register for this one!

  3. I wish I would have known about this sooner. Any chance another Webinar will occur? Is there a link to the recording?