How to Calculate the Value of a Yahoo Directory Listing

This came up in our coaching group, from one of the business owners:

“Should I renew my Yahoo directory listing?”

Good question – here’s how to decide:

1. Take the amount of money you make every year from people clicking that link.
2. Divide that number by $300.
3. If the result is less than one, don’t renew it.

Most people will find that the result of that calculation is zero.

Spend your extra $300 a year wisely folks.


  1. Hey Dan

    You might also want to answer the question “Is it worth getting one at all if I don’t already have one” I think I know the answer, but there are still people out there saying they are useful eg Market Samurai still use it in the SEO analysis.

  2. I got one, years ago, when directories were all the rage. I didn’t renew after the first year, but Yahoo rarely removes listings. After 6 years, has it paid for itself from people visiting and buying something from me? In a word, NO.

  3. I wanted to cancel this year, but it’s been on for so long that I couldn’t figure out the username and password and it renewed. Will get one of the interns to figure this out so it doesn’t renew next year.

  4. Isn’t it still a good value for the authority link from a trusted source?

    • Steve, The question is, is it still regarded as an authority site. The page my link is on has never achieved a PR of 1. How many people use directories? Do they come up in search results? I would not consider Yahoo Directory a authority site if no one uses it, and it never shows up in SE’s results. It may still be of some value, i just don’t know what it would be.

  5. hahahaha Your killing me you are very hilarius. Your simplistic way of think is very handy because i dont see that way. I need to test it for my webs.

  6. We just payed the annual fee. I dont think is a bad investment. Time will tell.

  7. I saw a free directory submission with reciprocal links. Is there a value in directory submission and i will like to know what link generating method is best.