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Why You Should Nix the Yearly Performance Review

Does anybody really enjoy the annual performance review most companies conduct? Managers hate them, employees dread them, and they rarely improve anything. Not only that, they’re expensive. Between writing, reviewing, and presenting them, they take up a tone of time that could be spent on more useful pursuits. Let the article below convince you that […]


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Adwords Shopping Campaigns: Targeting Exact Match Keywords

Hi retailers! One of the most persistent myths about Google Adwords shopping campaigns is that you can’t target keywords. In fact, not only can you target any keywords you like, but you can specify exactly which products Google is allowed to show for each keyword that you target. In this 10-minute video, I’ll explain how […]


Adwords Triangulation Method Part 1: Updated for 2015

The “Adwords Triangulation Method” is a name that I gave to a set of strategies and tactics that I’ve been using to win at Google Adwords for more than 10 years. The last major published update was in 2008, although I’ve given numerous talks on the system since then at various live events. This video […]

Should we Hangout or just Hangup? 4th time is a charm I say!

Hangout or Hangup?

The behind the scenes story – and apology – of our recent trials and tribulations doing Google Hangouts on Air. First, the apology. Three weeks in a row we scheduled Hangouts, emailed an invite to a few tens of thousands of people, and then failed to get it to work. For this we are very […]


Universal Traffic Engine 2.0 Week 1, Mon, Mar 30th @ 2pm Eastern

Join us for the Universal Traffic Engine 2.0 Week 1 Webinar, Mon, Mar 30th @ 2pm Eastern and find out what Dan has in store for you this time around!

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True Love (for your business)

From that title (I know) you’re thinking “gobs of cash”, right?  Okay, sure, gobs of cash is great, but to get there, you might ought to consider something where there is no money at all.  In fact, there’s no promise of money.  Worse still, you put out more than you take in! WTF!  How does […]