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retailer accelerator-part1

How to Get Google Shopping Campaigns Setup and Running Fast

This is part 1 of Dan’s 3 part “Retail Accelerator Training”: How to Get Google Shopping Campaigns Setup and Running Fast. Remember “the old days” when Adwords was easy and the clicks were cheap? Shopping ads are just like that today – but get in fast before the “big boys” figure it out (which they […]


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Profiting from your one “owned” traffic source

Your search rankings will come and go. The Adwords rules will continue to change. But your email list is forever! It always strikes me as ironic that as SEO and PPC “gurus” all of the businesses that Dan and I have individually and jointly built over the years have been built using email. SEO and […]


The 1 word secret to online selling success is…

“Nurturing”. No, I’m not talking about raising kids – that’s a great thing to do but it’s the opposite of making money. I’m talking about growing relationships with your prospects until they see you as a trusted resource and the preferred vendor of whatever it is that you sell. Consider this: if price was really […]


Growing your Business with Traffic Loops

If you are focusing on only one channel – no matter how good it is – then you are missing out big time on the synergies that are obtained when you use multiple sources of traffic in combination. Watch this 6 minute video And lest you think this mere theory… this is precisely what we […]


The Hidden Profit in your NON-Converting Traffic

Increasing your conversion rate will make you more money. Duh. That’s obvious. But what about the visitors that do not buy? If they didn’t buy now does that mean they won’t buy ever? Are they really worth nothing at all? In the next 500 words I’ll prove to you that your non-converting traffic is your […]

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Maximizing Holiday Profits, Part 1 (Start Now)

As we gear up for what promises to be a very busy 2015 holiday season, a lot of retailers are asking the same question: “What can I do right now to make my holiday selling season a success?” Of course, this is an especially busy time for retailers, so I’ve boiled my answer down to […]