Video: PPC Account Review Webinar w/ Joel McDonald

One of the best ways to learn how to manage pay per click campaigns is to get an expert to go over your account with you, bit by bit, piece by piece. Today, you can get a little piece of that, in this video replay of one of our most popular live training sessions ever.

It’s Joel McDonald, joined by Howie Jacobson, PhD, along with the entire SEO Braintrust (Dan, Leslie, and Andrea) – in an action-packed live session — as they review two of our members’ Adwords accounts.

Watch this video replay to learn:

  • The most common mistakes with default settings
  • The best way to organize and manage your campaigns
  • The right (and wrong) way to use Broad Match keywords
  • How to “save” an unprofitable campaign
  • How much money you’re “leaving on the table” right now

Download the Presentation Audio (mp3) here or the full MP4 video here.

As one of the co-authors of Google Adwords for Dummies (3rd Ed.), Joel’s brain is chock full of the newest tips, tricks, and techniques for maximizing any AdWords campaign. He knows all about ad extensions, feeds for e-commerce, mobile advertising, advanced ad writing, and the new Google display network.

In addition, he’s up-to-date on helpful new best practices in split testing, opt-in landing page structure, and ad group structure. You’ll see all of that expertise applied in this PPC Ad Review, along with Andrea Warner’s skillful probing to drill down to what you really need to learn right now.

If you enjoyed this, don’t miss seeing Joel McDonald live:

Joel will be one of the featured speakers at the SEO BrainTrust live conference, “Brainstorm 2012” – coming up August 10-12, 2012 in San Diego. Mark your calendar, grab your ticket, and we’ll see you in August!


  1. I must admit Google Adwords is something I’ve struggled to “crack the code” in the niche I’m in which focuses on lead generation for services. But I’m determined to listen to the experts and test and test until I get there. There was a lot to consume in this webinar and its worth watching a few times as some of the concepts will help me get in the black. Thanks for putting this on guys.