Hellooooo New Columns! Facebook Adds “Conversions” & “Cost Per” Columns To Ads Manager

When I went to Facebook’s Ads Manager today to verify that some ads I had just set up were running, I was greeted with this view:

Hello New Columns

Hellooooo new columns!

Facebook really has made great strides towards transparency for advertisers. Earlier this year we had to piece together the ROI of our Facebook advertising efforts. It was impossible to see the actual spend and the ROI together in one Facebook report.

Now, the number of conversions and the cost per conversion are available right on the home screen of Ads Manager.

This change is welcome, as are all the steps Facebook is making towards more transparent reporting.



  1. hi sir,
    does this column of Facebook is free?. For example i have an Ads for my entire page (created page)
    can i manipulate aw i mean can i track here?