PERP: A Free Manual for Google Penalty Recovery

PERP ManualI first met my business partner, Leslie Rohde, in 2006. I still remember the first words he ever spoke to me:

“If I want to rank better, I can just buy more links!”

So there I was, face to face with Leslie Rohde, one of the most prolific affiliate spammers on the planet, talking about SEO, and I was flat-out speechless. That’s when it got even worse.

Just then, Andy Jenkins walked up behind us and said, “so, you guys are going to be working together!”

I had only just accepted the job offer Andy had made, and I darned near quit right then. I’m glad I didn’t, because working with Leslie has been both personally and professionally rewarding, and once we got down to business, we found that there was pretty much nothing we couldn’t agree on when it comes to SEO.

A lot can happen in six years… and this week, Leslie and I just finished writing another book together.

It’s called “PERP: The Penalty Evaluation and Recovery Program” and it describes, in detail, the process that we have used to help dozens of clients recover from and prosper following major Google penalties.

Here’s a peek at the table of contents:

  • Is it a Penalty? Diagnosing Penalties Step by Step
  • The Google Animals: Pandas, Penguins, and Bigfoots
  • Recovery & Reconsideration for Unnatural Link Penalties
  • Improving Site Quality for Panda &Penguin
  • Real Marketing: Winning the “Long Game” with Google

Not only do we explain what has changed and why, but we also provide a step-by-step procedure for fixing the different classes of problems.

The price? Zero. Nada. Nothing. Zippo. It’s free. Just fill out the form below to get it. Here’s a sample (PDF) so you can see what you’re getting.

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